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22.06.2006 21:38
3Racing Traumchassis Antworten

3Racing hat dieses Chassis rausgebracht,alle Teile sind einzelnd erhältlich.Somit kann sich jeder aussuchen wieviel Chassis er für sein Geld braucht(ob alle 4 Einzelteile oder weniger)

Ihr braucht diese Teile um das Chassis komplett zu machen...

MST-25/LB for the Mini-LST
The original Front Upper Chassis Brace is made of plastic. However, once using the original one for a long time, it would lead to the car damages which finally leads to a lower stability. 3 Racing cares for the customers' needs that using the material of the aluminum would prolong the life of the Mini-LST. We have well prepared that the car would be assembled or dismantled releatedly and accidents would be avoidable indeed. Therefore, we use aluminum instead of plastic so as to allow the car to have a better persistence.

Using 3 Racing's Rear Upper Chassis Brace can strengthen the car body. Besides, as the battery is located in the rear part of the car, using aluminum allows the heat sink function. It can also have a better screw joint with the car body frame and let the car run faster.

Our Chassis Stiffener is another element to form the body frame of the car. It would be the best choice for the users as it offers a better and more stable screw joint for the motor and the chassis.

It is our amazing recoverable Graphite Chassis Set. The original aluminum chassis set would be much heavier. Besides, as we know that the car frame would be out of shape with car crash, 3 Racing's Graphite Chassis Set can escape from this kind of problem. As it is elastic and removable which can allow the Mini-LST to run for a longer time .

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