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19.06.2006 17:44
Batteriedoctor von tekin für 1200-1300Mah Akkus Antworten

Für unsere Saftbar!

"The Doctor is in. "
Coming soon "The Mini Battery Doctor". All the same specs and looks of the Battery Doctor only made for the 1100 and 1200 batteries used in the 18th scale vehicles.

Tekin's all new Battery Doctor 8.0 is just another part of that winning combination from Tekin.

The Battery Doctor discharge tray increases performance in both new and older packs by safely discharging each cell down to 0.5 without the risk of accidental reversal.

The Battery Doctor features a Non-Polarization tray. Which means you don't have to worry if you put your batteries in the correct way.

The Battery Doctor discharges your battery at an even 2.0 amps. This allows the batteries to finish their discharge while keeping the heat down and extending the life of your batteries.

Each cell in your pack will be discharge down to a low 0.5 volts. Again protecting your cells from damage and extending the life of your pack.

You can discharge from 1 to 8 cells at a time. 4 cells racers you can now discharge two packs of batteries at a time.

With LED lights on each battery tab you can keep track of your discharge and know when it is safe to take your pack out.

The Battery Doctor is a must have if you are serious about your batteries.

Here you go, first picture of a working Mini Battery Doctor. The production model will be in RED. Coming soon!!!!

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